In this world of fashion, there are a number of varieties in ladies’ shawls online, and also available in the current market that it is difficult to maintain monitoring all of the kinds. Thus, there is a need to understand the gap between the Pashmina shawl and simple wool shawl. People often get confused among the Cashmere scarf and Pashmina scarf, Wool shawl, and Pashmina shawl, while there are very slight differences that are, follow

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Pashmina is a term used by the natives. It comes from the term pashm, which signifies the wool obtained from the inner hair of specific goats, that carefully cleaned, combed and ready to be used. Pashmina is considered to be the fancier wool fabric, wool with prime quality. This wool was usually used for shawls and scarves because it was softer and lighter compared to cashmere and you will find it here at our online wholesale web store within cheap rates. These pashmina shawls and velvet shawls are available in multiple colors including the most popular colors the black shawls, white shawl, silver shawl, gold shawl, and navy blue shawls and scarf colors at our online store.

Pashmina shawl is hand made by expert and they use special bread of goat which is found in the hilly region. Due to the fact that pashmina wool is obtained through a specific period of the season and out of specific goats, also the fact that they produce between 80 and 170 grams every year, this wool is difficult to find and difficult to the manufacturer.

A pashmina shawl is the shawls that are crafted with a specific type of goat wool named “Capra Hircus”. Only experienced people or the craftsmen can notice the softer touch of real pashmina wool.

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Namely, cashmere is a term that is typically utilized by the Westerns. Also identified by the name of the wool shawl. It describes a soft clothing material that has roots in the Kashmir region located in India and Pakistan. It is good to know that cashmere wool found its name from the specific area of Kashmir/Cashmere, these goats are found all over the Himalayan range, goats which live in Nepal, Tibet, and Kashmir.

It’s a lot easier to discover cashmere wool. You will find more than 400 million cashmere goats on earth. Cashmere fabric is the reason why it had been predominantly used for creating shawls and scarves.

When we compare these two types of wool, we will notice that cashmere is a small bit coarser and thicker in comparison to pashm wool. And that is why almost all of the scarfs and shawls are produced with cashmere wool cloth.

Moreover, even though the diameter is not that clear, research shows that pashm wool has a caliber of 10 to 16 microns while cashmere has a diameter of 16 t0 19 microns.


There’s only one known method of authentic pashmina test to find out whether what you’ve got is that a true pashmina or not, and it entails burning off. To execute the actual pashmina evaluation, receive a little part or possibly a fringe of this supposed pashmina cloth, light it, and wait for it to burn off. You then smell and touch it. Because pashmina or cashmere is created of real all-natural hair, it also ought to smell like burnt hair, maybe not like burning plastic. Additionally, despite being burnt, the substance should still feel matte or quite much like how it was. Otherwise, in case it seems viscose, then you know that it’s untrue.

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