Kurta pajama has long served as traditional men’s clothing and continues to elevate men’s fashion industry by accepting innovations. Customarily kurta’s are worn with shalwar, pajama, churidar and oftentimes jeans. Currently, white kurta with pajama is trending among youngsters for their modish and royal manifestation. Pajama pants are being preferred as they are more comfortable, offer better mobility and give a more collected and decent look. White attire is always an appropriate and elegant choice for any traditional or formal occasion. White kurta pajamas are desired for their modest and humble outlook along with its quality to prevent heat in tropical weather conditions prevalent in Pakistan. This trend accommodates youngsters, adults and older people regardless.

Footwear choices with white kurta pajama

Youngsters are very enthusiastic about owning their cultural heritage in traditional events meanwhile they contribute to evolving fashion trends. To perfect a traditional outfit, appropriate ethnic footwear is essential. This choice depends on the occasion, season, personality, comfort level required and other aspects. To select the most appropriate footwear, the occasion and season are a matter of prime importance. In summers, traditional open shoes like khussa, jutti, sandals, kolhapuri chappal, kohati, etc are worn whereas in winters closed slip-ones, penny loafers, oxford shoes, brogues, etc are common. To pick the ideal footwear for a kurta pajama, have a look at these trending ethnic footwear for men.

  • Peshawari chappal: It is the most commonly worn traditional footwear all over Pakistan in casual or formal settings. This handcrafted footwear consists of two wide leather straps joined to the base after crossing each other. To adjust the size a buckle strap is present on the backside. It comes in various designs and specific colors. These are great summer footwear since they are light and airy and most comfortable.
  • Kolhapuri chappal: These are open-toe sandals with t-strap. Its design has evolved from rigid material to a softer and more comfortable version. They give a very festive and traditional look when paired with men’s white kurta pajama or shalwar kameez. Mostly they come in black, brown or camel tan color.
  • Khussa: Khussa are worn since ancient times and best depicts our ethnicity. These are very popular leather footwear that complements traditional attire. Khussa is completely made by hand, embroidered and stitched using white thread. Men khussas have an extended curved tip, it covers some part of the foot front, the rest remains uncovered. It is further embellished by ceramic beads, mirrors, bright threads and such.
  • Sandals: Sandals are very comfortable and stylish footwear that can go along with traditional attire. It leaves most of the foot exposed making it suitable for warm climates. The straps hold the foot to the sole. They come in black, shades of brown and multicolor. Sandals are a smart fashion choice and are cheaper.
  • Loafers: These causal slip-ons are currently in fashion. It comes in many stylish and exquisite designs and different colors. They are a blend of traditional and casual style. Loafers are surely versatile as they smoothly go along with both casual and formal outfits. Pakistani male celebrities can be widely seen upholding this fashion trend.
  • Brogue shoes: Brogue shoes are genuine leather footwear. The patterned perforation present on the leather is referred to as ‘brogue’ which decorates the surface. They are must-have footwear as they complete your look in any casual or formal outfit. A pair of brown classic brogues with white kurta pajama will give your ceremonial attire an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Oxford shoes: Oxford shoes, in my opinion, are the most elegant looking among all formal shoes. They have a closed lace system and low heel available in specific colors with design variations. If you seek class and comfort, oxford shoes are what you are looking for. Black patent oxford shoes although expensive but well worth the value look fabulous and catchy with white kurta pajama.

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