Muharram Clothing: Wear Black Dresses 2018

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Being Muslims, no matter which cast, creed or sect, one belongs to, the spirits of despair, sadness, grief and loss comes to them at once as being lovers of the Prophet and His progeny, makes every Muslim to feel grieved on the tragedy, occurred fourteen hundred years back in Karbala when grandson of the Prophet Muhammad saw was slaughtered alive, hungry and thirsty.

This is the reason, Muslims waive off colors from their lives, their routines get bare, and so the colors from the clothing get vanish. From past to now, it has become one of the Muharram rituals to wear black clothes and this is how Muharram is celebrated by Shia or Sunni.

Moon textile is bringing you the plain and simply printed dresses in black and white hue, interlaced with the holy spirits of Muharram-al-haram. These dresses are offered in the combination of;

  • Three piece suits for Muharram 2018
  • Two piece suits for Muharram 2018
  • Single Kurtis for Muharram 2018
  • Long printed and plain shawls for Muharram 2018

Muharram suits 2018 can be ordered online from the official site of moon textiles as well as form This is not all, for your convenience, printed and plain black casual dress for women are offered in this collection. These dresses are offered with enough fabric so you are able to stitch casual long black summer dresses and casual short black summer dress, just as per your style.

Moreover, as Muharram is for all hence Muharram casual dresses for men and kids are also offered this year by moon textiles. The fabric used in this collection is soft cotton to help everyone in dealing with the scorching season of summer. Same is for kids, you can purchase these dresses for your kids aged from 4 years to 11 years old.

Good thing is that; you can purchase this collection in stitched form and also in unstitched form. We have got experienced seamstresses back in our stores, who are ready to give trendy stitching to your Muharram dresses. Buy these Muharram suits online or offline from nationwide flagships stores. International customers from India, Bangladesh, US, UK, and Canada can also make online purchases as we have got convenient delivery options for them.

Check the variety below and don’t forget to avail big discounts on bulk shopping.