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Faisalabad fabric store proud his soil, culture, nationality, and ethnicity with zeal, love, and compassion and by introducing ceremonial collections, discount offers on special occasions and offering ethnic-cum- modern wears for wedding events, independence day, defense day, Muharram, Eid, Rabi-ul-Awwal, and Ramadan.

Every collection that we offer on occasionally is readied by keeping the essence of the event in mind such as, if you have a look at our Eid collection and independence day collection, both will represent the events differently because one event relates to nationalism while another one is the holy happy event of Islam. You can feel the spirit of each event by wearing our collections.

Here is a list of events, that we sponsor to make them full of happiness for you:

Faisalabad Fabric Store Muharram Event Collection

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and it reminds us of the biggest sacrifice and the victory of Truth of Falsification. Faisalabad Fabric Store owns this victory and lets you remind the days, by offering its black wear collection for men, women, and kids in stitched dresses and unstitched fabric form. Take advantage of three-piece and single kurta articles

Along with this, Faisalabad Fabric Store understands that you cannot spare a dress for just one month or so, hence it intricate the black shade with different colors such as pink, green, red, yellow and many others. In this way, you cannot only wear these dresses in Muharram but occasionally as well.  To read more about, black and white collection, please click the link.

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Faisalabad Fabric Store Wedding Event Collection

Faisalabad fabric store presents the richest and most lavish dresses of the season, for its wedding event collection. The wedding is the biggest day not only for the bride and groom but for the families because we desi people are more attached to our soil and roots. So, every year, Faisalabad fabric store in collaboration with Moon Textiles offers its Wedding events collection separately for Mehndi, Mayo, Barat, and Walimah not just for the bride but for bride and groom’s family.

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Mehndi Collection

As every event of the wedding time has its own importance thus every dress represents the sole spirit of the event. Like for mehndi dresses, yellow, green, red, orange and all colors of springs are used. On these dresses, gotta has been used to show the actual tradition of Pakistan. This is not all, you can also see trendy stonework and embroideries on the shirts, trousers, and dupattas.

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Barat / Nikkah Dress Collection

For the event of Barat, Faisalabad fabric store has shades of reds blended with silver, gold, rust, and champagne colored embellishments. Moreover, if you want a separate dress for Nikkah event and Barat event, you can get the duo at a combined lower price. Along with this, Faisalabad Fabric Store also offers customized stitching and designs, hence if you require your dress in any specific color or design, give us a call. For more information;

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Walimah Collection

For Walima Collection, Faisalabad Fabric Store has party wears in different designs, colors, decorative patterns, and ceremonial fabric. Customized wedding dress option is available with Walima dress as well. You can choose from our available dresses or give us a sample and we will get your dreamy dress ready. If you want to know the bits and bobs of our walima collection, please click the link.

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Faisalabad Fabric Store Eid Event Collection:

Eid collection of by Faisalabad Fabric Store is enriched with blazing colors, fantastic fabric patterns, and elegant stitching designs. Eid collections by Faisalabad Fabric Store is offered every year that remains available in stitched and unstitched ‘Eid suits form. Moreover, the fabric used is guaranteed for its comfortability and reliability.

This is not all, you can purchase first copy replicas of famous Pakistani designers’ Eid collections at such affordable rates that have no match. These replicas are so near to originals that nobody would ever be able to detect if you are wearing copy or the original designer dresses by famous Pakistani designers.

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Faisalabad Fabric Store Independence/Defense Day Collection

For Independence Day collection, Green and white are supposed to be the integral colors because both represent Pakistan’s national flag. There are lots of designers offering the same styled green and white shirts but Faisalabad Fabric Store has melded more colors with green and white. In this way, you can wear our independence day collection not only on Independence Days but also casually.

Anyhow, if you want a dress specifically designed for 14 August alone, then we have ladies Kurtis embellished with stars, Pakistani flag patterns, emblems, Pakistan monuments and special buildings of Pakistan that reminds us of the time of our independence day. There is so much variety of stitching designs and fabric patterns, for a better view

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