To leave a long-lasting impression around you, dressing well is the first key to it.  How you present yourself in society is an important aspect. Dressing appropriately for occasions is a form of good manners.  But most important is to dress according to your age. There is a fine line between over or underdressed in day to day life. To avoid such a conflict in your daily routine. White shalwar kameez is the simple yet the significant dressing style. To fulfill your passion to dress well. Here are the various men’s white shalwar kameez designs for various age groups.


White is the color of joy, hope, and beauty. To welcome your new family member in this world. What could be more appropriate than a shining white shalwar kameez?  It is also comfortable and cozy dressing for the baby. The white kameez with a wide round neck, motifs, and an embroidered placket. As for the embroidery, you can choose any color. Because white color perfectly synchronizes with various hues. Thus, a white kameez together with a baggy shalwar is the best dress code for a newborn.

Preschool (0 to 4 years)

For various occasion and normal day to day dressing. Shalwar suits are the answer to toddler’s high-end fashion. The pure cotton white kurtas adorned by computerized embroidered band collars, box plate, and cuffs. With a white pajama and a chappal is the right choice.

School-age (5 to 17 years)

As this age group signifies the beginning and maintaining of the social life. It’s important to dress flashy yet classy. To look like a breath of fresh air and center of attraction in the school functions and parties. It’s best to dress up in white kurta pajama with a ban collar, pockets on the body upper front round cuffs and an embroidered box plate and a sharply define straight bottom. You can also wear it with the waistcoat and a matching chappal.

College-age (18 to 24 years)

To become a respectable member of society. It is an obligation to dress respectably. To rock your everyday look with a white men shalwar kameez the following design is just made for you. The white kameez being cut straight with flat side slits and a normal placket. Enhance your outfit with fine embroidery on the cuffs, box plate, and band collars. The sleeves must be of appropriate length. The shalwar must be plain and baggy. Or you can wear pajama with it. You can also have a stitched pocket on the body upper front.

Young Adults (25 to 44 years)

To look fabulous, you need to dress the part. In no doubt, well dressed classy man is just the raw sophisticated presence. And If you combine the well-groomed personality with a traditional white shalwar kameez. it’s the killer look beyond the wildest imagination. Well-tailored, slim fit kameez with cut lines, side motifs, pockets on the body upper front along with embroidered round or square ban, placket, and round bottom. You can match the look with the plain Latha shalwar or a Peshawari shalwar. Other than this pajama can be also worn. This dress in your look book will enhance your physique and good posture.

Older adults (45 years and above)

The age and white hairs add to the grace. White shalwar kameez is affirmative, noble and superior dressing style appropriate for the older adults. The simplicity yet classy shalwar kameez makes a gentleman. Regular fit white kameez with a collar neck, pockets on body upper front, box plate with delicate buttons and round bottom with plain body lower front is just the right style. You can wear the plain Latha shalwar or the baggy shalwar along with the kameez. Metallic cufflinks add more to the men’s fashion. You can layer with your white kameez a Brocade or cambric cotton waistcoats to appear more experienced and knowledgeable.

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