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Pakistani Men shalwar kameez

If you are someone from USA, UK, Canada or UAE looking to buy the stitched Pakistan shalwar kameez to celebrate the event either for the Eid or for any other tradition function like marriage ceremony or marriage party, engagement party etc then this is right landing for the online shopping or order of these color full collection for the men’s Pakistani shalwar kameez either with waistcoat or without waistcoat from Pakistan in very much control & affordable price range.

Faisalabadfabricstore will provide you all sort of the customized designing while stitching of these shalwar kurta for men, moreover if you need the plus sizes in mens shalwar kurta or men kurta pajama our company can stitch these plus sizes usually we fallowing the stitching pattern from small,medium,large & extra large sizes.

Our stitching company deals in all sorts of wholesale and retail orders of these men shalwar kameez & kurtas as well so MOQ( minimum order quantity) has no limit.

So if you are anywhere in the world & want any theme of designing for your any party or event with huge colors option like black shalwar kameez for men, white shalwar kameez for men’s, blue color ranges & maroon colors ranges of these men shalwar kameez in very appropriate prices then you can contact the representative of

We always use the high quality fabric for the stitch these men’s shalwar kameez with quality inner material to avoid the bubbling over the collars & patti moreover we also use the best quality button, matching stitching threads moreover we us the best

  • Cotton
  • Wash-and-wear
  • Kamalia Khaddar
  • Karandi
  • Boski 

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Shalwar Kurta deal both in summer & winter stuff of these stitched shalwar kameez with all sort of quality stitching & designing usually we fallow the best stitching style style fallowed the renowned designer like Junaid jamshaid etc

In white colors men kurtas/ white shalwar kameez/ white kurta pajama we can use a number of varieties of fabrics to get them stitched. management use the best textile finished fabric in cotton/ lawn Cotton/ Karandi/ Wash & Wear/ Khaddar/ Linen/ Denim/ White Latha/ Boski/ Shamry fabric . We stitch them in best quality stitching and export it all over the world. For international buyers, we do have a PayPal facility.

For gents shalwar kameez stitching designs, we have our own stitching units where jokey machines are used for getting each dress stitched. Designers supervise the seamstresses staff to get the masterpiece stitching. Sewing patterns are checked simultaneously at three levels. So, you won’t find this ready to wear designer shalwar kameez less than any famous brand such as J. Junaid Jamshed, charcoal or Almira.

Moreover, prices for men designer shalwar kameez are quite inexpensive and economical ones. And, on a bulk order, you will be charged a wholesale price. Bulk orders are delivered inside and outside the borders of Pakistan, with convenient delivery options.  The same criterion is applied when you order unstitched form of gents shalwar kameez fabric.

In the end, I would like to discuss gents shalwar kameez colors are very masculine and at the same time trendy. It has become an old thought when men were not allowed to experiments with the colors of their dresses. So, by following the modern trends, these gents kameez designs are available in all the trendy colors such as liver color, dark sapphire, sandy beach, black, grey, green, white and many others. To check the complete details of colors, see our men designer shalwar kameez blog, given at the end of this page.

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Buy Men’s Kurta Online

Best Kurta Designs: is best online store for the best kurtas for gents /men in awesome styles over the best available fabric in cotton/ wash & wear & Silk fabric both in retail & wholesale basis in the best price range. is the best online shopping store which provides the international buyers to provide the best opportunity to buy very appropriate based price range male kurta pajama of the wide range of variety with latest and trendy colors gents kurtas and you can payout through PayPal etc.

We are an only online store which is not only providing Punjabi style men kurta or even Kurta pajama but also we have embroidered men short kurtas for jeans in various best fabric with nicely embroidered and very close to all famous designer’s kurtas manufacturers

Another trait of our online store is that you can get the men kurtas for wedding & party wear in silk & Jamawar also available in the wide range we usually copy these male/ gents kurtas with Indian Designers Kurtas like shirt style kurta or ban style kurtas of multiple colors. kurta pajama designs being innovated with the help of the designer team we are very careful manufacture of these Islamic dresses by choosing fabric quality and our special focus of patterns of shalwar kameez & kurta pajama for the men while stitching you can buy our online kurtas either in regular fit and smart fits.

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Mehndi Dress for Men

Mehndi is one of the cultural and most traditional events of Asian weddings and without colorful ethnic wearing, it cannot be considered as complete. We can find mehndi dresses for girls everywhere but when it comes to men mehndi dresses, only famous designers can be accessed but they charge so high. Hence to conquer this situation, Faisalabad fabric store is offering its latest gents shalwar kameez dresses for mehndi.

For mehndi dresses, we have gents mehndi kurtas in stitched form comprised of lungi, dhoti, and patyala shalwar. Pants and tourers can also be accessed along with these designer men kurtas. To complete the party wear for men, separate waistcoats are available stitched in;

  • Embroidered Jamawar fabric

All bright colors like orange, purple, turquoise, yellow, green are available in the Salooka for men. this trio is available in quite economical prices and by ordering bulk, you will get the wholesale rates. For more information, contact us.