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 Clothes are the only commodity that everyone loves and want as well. Let’s face it: we all have our favorite brands; we love their fabric, stitching styles, designs, and the overall feel of the suit. You might be imagining your desired dress that you are dying to buy, but the price tag won’t allow you to fulfill your desire. 


You can have the same dress: the same stitching, fabric quality, color, and design! We are the wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad. If you’re interested in finding the complete info related to wholesale branded clothing, then stick to the end of the blog post, as we’re going to discuss wholesale branded clothing for men, women, and kids in detail.

Top 3 reasons to consider us for wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad:

1, Our Experience:

Faisalabad Fabric Store has been in the business for the last ten years. We’re not an outsourcing place; we have our clothing stitching unit, which gives us a competitive edge in maintaining the quality of the fabric, stitching, packaging, and delivery management. 

In addition, we’re the only company that has just dedicated their work to the international market.

From day 1, we’ve been exporting our products to the USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia, and Bangladesh.

We know precisely what an international customer demands and expects when they place an order, so you don’t need to worry about any logistics from our end! 

Moreover, we’re based in Faisalabad, which is the hub of the clothing industry in Pakistan. That’s why we source premium quality fabric you can’t even imagine. The softness & vibrant colors of the material that won’t fade will compel you to try our products at least once. Afterward, you won’t stop buying from us because the material is that good!

2, Flexible Payment Options: 

One factor quickly determines the actual credibility & reliability of any services company: payment methods.

You might need a better experience with wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad. Still, Faisalabad Fabric Store makes sure to change your perspective on the quality & ease of payments!

Trust is always two-sided. Our customers trust us on the quality. We trust them with the payment clearance.

To make customer’s life easier. Faisalabad Fabric Stores offers various payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • Local Bank Transfer To USA/Canada
  • Local Bank Transfer To Pakistan 

In addition to that, we’re already practicing two different payment methods:

The first is the typical cash-on-delivery payment, which most of you would be familiar with. 

The second payment method proves we’re the best wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad. Any guesses on what might be?

Let’s explain it to you.

As we’ve been exporting to various countries for the last ten years, we’ve got a lot of loyal customers. So, we dispatch their packages on credit as soon as they place an order. They are free to pay us whenever they feel capable of doing so!

YES, you can be that customer as well! So, don’t worry about anything, give us a try, and we bet you won’t leave us again! 

3, Cost-effective courier service & attractive packaging for your wholesale branded clothes:

When exporting to any international country, one of the crucial aspects is the courier services. Especially after the pandemic, most courier services skyrocketed their prices, making it impossible for most customers to generate profit.

However, Faisalabad Fabric Store still came up with the perfect solution. We’ve come up with a courier service that charges minimal prices, and have also satisfied our customer’s needs. Not only is the company responsible for hassle-free door-to-door service, but it also offers the cheapest rates! 

Another factor why you should choose us as a wholesale branded clothing supplier in Faisalabad is the facility of attractive and customized packaging styles.

Regarding branded clothes, packaging plays a vital role in determining the quality of the product. We replicate the exact packaging procedure: zipper packaging along with the preview of the image of the stitched suit! Moreover, we also provide gift packaging according to the customer’s requirements. 

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Here is a sneak peek at our stitching process for wholesale branded clothes:

Services we provide as wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad:

1) Wholesale branded clothes for women

Let’s start with the options of branded clothing you can buy wholesale for women. 

The most famous brands that are popular among international customers for women are the following:

  1. Sana Safinaz
  2. Maria B
  3. Limelight
  4. Khaadi
  5. Bareeze

Let’s talk about essentials regarding wholesale branded dresses for women. Firstly, the fabric is precise and of the same quality as any of the brands, thanks to the clothing market of Faisalabad. You’ll get the same soft material you expect from your favorite brand at a much better price! 

Now the crucial question remains of the quality of stitching and overall finishing of the products. Firstly, we assure you that our team of tailors is specialists in stitching branded clothing. They have also been working for some brands, so they know what customers expect from wholesale branded clothes. 

Secondly, our manager monitors each dress closely to make sure that there is not even a minute difference. We put our best foot forward in providing you with the same branded suit that you desire: the same soft fabric same vibrant colors that will complement your personality; the only difference is that the branded dress will be as low as possible. 

Another main problem faced by the majority of customers is size availability. As the wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad, we’re proud to announce that our customers do not need to worry a bit about the sizes; they have to select their favorite dresses. To solve this significant issue, we’ve introduced the facility of customized sizes. These sizes are available in every design. Along with the standard sizes, we offer the following:

  1. XXS
  2. XS
  3. XXL
  4. XXXL

Moreover, we can also provide the facility of adjustable sizes according to your body; you can wear your favorite dress anytime you want! 

The Following Gallery Showcases Our Stitched Branded Clothes For Women

Stitched Designers Salwar Suits Designs (Women)

Patayala Style Punjabi Salwar Suits Designs For Women

Two Piece Printed Stitched Designer Clothes

Solid Colors Designers Clothing (Women)

Branded Stitched Clothes In Silk Maxi For Women

2) Men’s wholesale branded clothes suppliers 

We can connect with the frustration of men with their shalwar kameez:

  • The fabric is not soft and itches the body.
  • Finishing could be better, as threads are dangling.
  • Of course, the color fades after one wash.

These reasons compel men to purchase branded clothing, but the pricing always disappoints them.

However, as the wholesale branded clothing suppliers in Faisalabad, we’re proud to come up with the solution. 

We mainly provide our customers with Junaid Jamshed branded shalwar kameez for men’s branded clothes.

Our shalwar kameez is exactly the copy of Junaid Jamshed, but at half price as the original. The quality of the fabric and the stitching will make you feel more confident in the dress.

Moreover, we use wash-n-wear material, which, even if you wash it 100 times, would still depict the same vibrant colors! 


Branded Men Salwar Kameez Collection

Branded Men Kurta Pajama Collection

3)Wholesale branded clothes suppliers for kids (boys & girls):

Kids always look cool and cute when they wear their favorite dresses. We mainly offer kid desi clothing, which covers casual and festive wear. The branded clothes we offer mainly include the gharara and sharara for girls 6-15 years old. Moreover, the fabric and stitching quality is always up to the mark, which your child’s mood can witness. They are going to love the soft and comfy feel of our fabric!

Similarly, we stitch shalwar kameez for boys as well. Father-son shalwar kameez is also offered. So, both father and son have the same vibe and enjoy the equivalent fabric & stitching quality as any branded shalwar Kameez! 

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