Wholesale winter shawls

Winter shawls are the most adorable section of clothing for both women & men since immemorial time. It seems a minor addition in the preference of an outfit with their free-falling, soft folds but adds an adorable grace to the personality. Either you carry these dressy shawls around to stay warm, over the shoulder as a winter drape or round imperturbably by the neck as a trendy accessory, shawls always appear really fashionable and put some style to your looks. There are lots of merriment and innovative strategies to game shawls with each using a different impact on your look.

Starting from the productions we are the manufacturer of the shawls either its embroidered men shawls or wedding shawl for women, or just casual digital printed winter scarves, we are working professionally for many years in Pakistan and out of Pakistan. Nowadays our latest shawl sets are on streamline, through the fabric to embroidery and embroidery to finishing and packaging.

Everyone is aware that the online market based on trendy designs, embroidery, prints and colors, and here you will find the numerous designs and colors including the black, white, navy blue, green, pink, gold &, etc. The embroidery patterns are more than in twenty styles and fifteen plus digital prints in the cashmere shawl fabric and pashmina shawl fabric. We are supplying the shawls to our beloved customers in the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, and other foreign countries with a very secure payment gateway PayPal.

The ladies shawl is available in multiple fabrics including velvet, wool, chiffon, silk, net, cashmere and pashmina. Similarly, the casual and bridal shawls are also accessible that are assembled with heavy accessories. Apart from the shawls, we are also producing the ladies’ stoles, wraps, and scarfs in multiple colors.

Three S’s of shawls

Specialty, specification & sizes of shawls. When it comes to our shawls we never underestimate the quality of the fabric, color combinations, embroidery and top of the list our customer gratification. The sizes of ladies shawls typically start from the 30 to 45 inches wide to 70 to 85 inches long. And for bridal shawls, the sizes will change as 45 to 60 inches wide and 85 to 100 inches long.

The MOQ for all these cheap shawls/ stole/ scarf and wraps in wholesale is simply Ten shawls.

To purchase customized layouts in electronic prints or in lace over Various cloths of shawl materials.

To order the casual and wedding shawls contact with Mr. Ejaz over WhatsApp: +92332-6892363 OR Email: saadlovly@gmail.com

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