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Usually, people get confused while purchasing the Cashmere wraps and shawl Pashmina that is regarded as the nicer wool, wool the contains purity. Cashmere fabric that’s rough & thick, is why it had been mostly used for producing bridal shawls and wraps. Here we have categories the difference between shawls & wraps.

Different between knitted Shawls & Wraps

Shawls: A shawl is a large piece of rectangular/square or even in an oval shape that is specially designed cloth usually take loosely or casually over the shoulders or wrapped around the entire body. Our special designed woolen shawls and wraps are worn casually as a daily basis or much elegantly on ornamental purposes, spiritual purposes, or to keep warm to joy the winter seasons. Shawls are worn by both men and women. Similar to the previous seasons our embroidered and digital printed shawl was utilized to make your winter memorable and these shawls are manufactured by pure wool. Generally, the diameter of the shawls comes with 80-110 cm broad into 180 cm – 210 cm long.

Wraps: Both shawls and stoles are primarily used to describe with the latest term know Wraps. Effectively it is an interchangeable word that covers any loose outer garment or piece of material that can be wrapped around the upper body is offering multiple color combinations in these wraps and shawls. Predominantly the silver shawls and wraps, black embroidered shawls and wraps, most demanded white digital printed wraps and shawls. As we are working online from 2010 and offline from 1998 we are providing the bulk volume of the fur wraps and shawls we never underestimate the manufacturing quality & ensure the client’s satisfaction.

The MOQ for all these cheap shawls/ stole/ scarf and wraps in wholesale is simply Ten shawls.

To purchase customized layouts in electronic prints or in lace over Various cloths of shawl materials.

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