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We are Top manufacturers & Exports from small-scale To large Scale Abaya Wears. We can prepare customized designs for Islamic dresses as well.

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To all the trendsetter ladies who follow the trends with glam without compromising on the principled holy flavors of Islam to resemble Sunnah and Islamic teachings, here is an exclusive range of designer wholesale Abayas, presented in most low-cost prices.

Fashion and woman are two names that go hand in hand nevertheless to air the religious essence, we are bringing cheap wholesale Abaya based on guaranteed mild fabric, elite designs, aristocratic stitching, and most moderate prices than the market to scoop your days with fashion in a blessed way. Let me tell you all the bits and bobs of our Abaya dress wholesale collection in the latter lines.

Starting with the price; we have kept the cheapest prices by understanding that not every pocket is able to bear high rates usually charged by abaya suppliers throughout the world and also if you choose from exclusive designs from Saudi, Dubai or Qatar style, prices get sky high. Being Muslims we decided to promote our values and offered the most stylish and chic suiting of abayas in our exclusive abaya wholesale range, in cheaper rates.

Faisalabad fabric is one of the leading wholesale abaya suppliers, supplying a variety of burqas in Europe, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  We are the wholesale abaya manufacturers and interacting exclusive designs for our patrons around the world on daily basis. Wholesale pricing doesn’t mean you need to purchase a big bulk of products, in fact, to enjoy discounts just five abayas order is enough. You will be astonished to see drastic discounts on prices. So, purchase abayas for the whole family at once on the cheapest rates.

Cheap prices don’t mean we are giving shoddy fabric in fact, back at moon textiles, we are making the fabric by ourselves and also importing from high-quality fabric makers around the world so that we can bring an exclusive range of abayas for our customers. There are five major types of fabric, we are dealing in,

  • Jersey Fabric Abaya
  • Chiffon Fabric Abaya
  • Nida Fabric Abaya
  • Net Fabric Abaya
  • Denim Fabric Abaya

You can purchase Muslim abaya at wholesale price in the above-mentioned fabric after choosing the style from our latest trendy abaya collection available at the end of this page. Let me repeat once again that if you want more cut in the prices then choose 5 designs from the range, the discount will be more than your expectations. We give hundred percent washing and cleaning guarantee for fabric, as washed carefully won’t let the lint bobbles or fuzz-balls appear on the abayas.

Third thing, which is a woman I like to see in abayas is their stitching patterns and designs. Designing and stitching of our wholesale jilbabs and abayas collection have no match. These abayas are designed by paid experts who have taken experience by working in the abaya industries of Qatar, Saudi, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Canada, and the USA. Hence, you will find each abaya design representing the Islamic sole in a modern way.

Along with this, we searched online and found the following most searched Abaya styles on the internet.

  • Arabian Jubba Style Abaya
  • Kaftan Style Abaya
  • Saudi Abaya Style
  • Abaya Dubai Style
  • Indian Abaya
  • Egyptian Style Abaya
  • Open Abaya

You can have all these styles by ordering us now, but before that, read what more we have in the package.

Hear about designing: we have used embroideries, pearl work, ribbon on the edges, net fabric work, beads, laces, dories and prints that have no match. Each Abaya is coming with a matching scarf embedded with silver, gold and rust jewels, white pearls and blazing laces. along with this, Denim fabric is ornamented with embroidery, interlaced on edges and curves. Visible tack and beads work are making it eye enduring. Pockets are adorned on both sides some abaya styles in order to provide you a convenience to carry your stuff easily.

Anyhow, if you want to have any exclusive or customized style in the abaya, our seamstress staff is highly qualified to match your expectations. Being exclusive abaya wholesale supplier, Faisalabad fabric store is bringing a package for the dealers and abaya vendors in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, and the USA. In this package, you will get an exclusive discount on fabric as well as the stitching of the abaya and that also in the style you want.

  • You can choose different designs and two colors in every 28 pieces.
  • You will be charged lesser price even from the wholesale price.
  • The package will be delivered to you within four days and a week time period, after stitching.

Being one of the leading wholesale abaya suppliers, we care about you we understand your concerns and risks on big orders, hence to overcome this problem, we have designed sampling policy to reveal your concerns completely and make this vendor supplier bond stronger.

  • You can ask for fabric swatches before placing an order, it is free of cost and you will not be charged a single penny in terms of price to have a look at the samples of fabric.
  • Anyhow, if you want to get an exclusive look at the stitching, design, style, and fabric of the abaya, purchase one wholesale abaya online and then give us order.

Now, Let’s talk about payments and delivery process offered by moon textile, the exclusive abaya wholesale supplier in Pakistan.

For local orders, we take only 24 hours to dispatch and deliver the Abaya. All you need to do is make an advance payment in the bank or via card, and take the order at your door in a period of one day.

Customers from rest of the world can pay us by using their PayPal accounts and if you are from the USA, the good news is, you can make direct payments in any branch of JPMorgan Chase Bank in our account, details are mentioned on our website. Shipping time for international customers is only 3 to four days, however in certain conditions such as weather problem or other reasons, delivery can be late, but it happens seldom. For cargo services, you will be charged quite less to make your shopping happy with Faisalabad fabric store.

Let me inform that we are attached to many Islamic centers in Europe and America and they purchase from us on a regular basis, and to offer them gratitude we give exceptional discounts on purchase. All with this, on sacred pilgrimage events of Hajj and Umrah, we introduce sale offers for pilgrims.

It’s all done about each bit detail of the collection, now have a look at the collection and don’t forget to send us your feedback and suggestions by commenting below.