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Hospital Bed Sheets Wholesale

So for Your inquiry Contact Mr Ejaz whats app# 0092-332-6892363

Hospital Bed Sheet Suppliers is known for the best supplier of institutional bed sheets in all over the world our major buyers are exist in USA, Canada, & Uk. Due to the fallowing solid reason we are the one of the best suppliers of the hospital & hotel bedding

  1. Top of all that is having its own Rex certified exporter by the Government of Pakistan with PSW ID holders.
  2. We can ship your shipments either by Air or by sea in both ways depends upon your minimum order quantity.
  3. Our MOQ is very flexiable as hospital bed sheets manufacturer
  4. We are very cost effective with accurate sizes as the hotel bed sheet manufacturers
  5. also provide the customized sizes & customized designing as the effective supplier for the hospital bedding.
  6. We can make all kind of the sizes either in single or double bed sheets for the hospital
  7. We deal in all quality & effective thread count either in stripes. Cotton sateen, cotton parcale, even poly cotton & dannier as these white bed sheet manufacturers.

Hospital Bed Sheet Suppliers

Faisalabad Fabric Store is one of the best wholesale platforms that supply/offer various varieties as home textile, Hospital linen supplier, wholesale hospital linens, wholesale spa linens, bed sheets, bed linens, bed covers, and fitted bed sheets range from Pakistan at affordable price on a wholesale basis.

We are among one of the popular suppliers within Pakistan as well with good quality of the fabric & excellent blending of threads while preparing the wholesale orders of these hospital orders in various sizes & hospital colors like white color, green color, blue color shades in very appropriate price.

Being the wholesale hospital bedding suppliers we aware about the GSM required while manufacturing the hospital linen fabric. Our price ranges are very appropriate with customized packing & sizes options we also have in house stitching setup where we can stitch all standarad & customized sizes.

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Hospital Bed Sheets Wholesale

How To Order Hospital Sheets Bulk

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After Initial negotiation with a customer for the white cotton bed sheets wholesale order on the basis of the

  • quantity of white sheets
  • sizes
  • destination (where to export)

These three factors will decide the cost of material, duration to prepare these white hospital sheets order and destination, as well as quantity, will decide the freight charges of the consignment and price range of the consignment.

We are very lithe with moq (minimum order quantity) even for initial orders we can dispatch 30 to 50 healthcare bedsheets to our customers. payment policy for the small order is 100% payment in advance by the following payment methods

  • western union
  • money gram
  • direct bank account
  • PayPal

Sample order & Procedure for hospital sheets wholesale

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We suggest two scenarios for the sampling procedure.

  • The first scenario is the ideal sample is that the customer should send to us as a sample so we can prepare a similar product as per specification suggested by our customers in terms of fabric construction and sizes.
  • The second scenario is if one of our importer/clients wants something from our existing stock of hotel white sheets bulk/hospitality linen then he has to pay sampling currier cost. To grab a free sample then we can proceed with further negotiation and construction.

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Why we are one of the best suppliers of hospital bedding linen globally?

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In the following list, we will give you solid reasons to choose us

  • Our major aim is to focus fabric quality of hospitality bed sheets more than anything and we believe that customer satisfaction is most important.
  • Therefore we are providing various qualities ranging from 130TC to 300TC in different weaves and compositions
  • Like Percale 1×1, 2/1 Twill, 4/1 Satin Stripe, 2/1 Twill stripe, 4/ Satin, and Mircocheks, etc. in 100%Cotton, 60% Cotton/40% Poly, and 80% Cotton/20% Poly
  • We know that these hotel/motel bedding linen, the spa linen are changed on daily basis as well as a wash on daily basis, therefore, our hotel linen consists of very quality fabric that can stand for iron blow laundry washing (60 to 80 ) time washes. We offer hotel sheets that are durable and resistant to frequent washing.
  • With many years of experience in the hospitality linen industry, we are proud of ourselves for our rich experience, skillful workers, and strict administration system, which ensures our quality hotel linens, punctual delivery time, competitive price, and our professional service.
  • We are a specialized wholesaler of UK particularly in dyed fabric either roll and tube or stitched fitted bed linens along with pillow covers in various fabric construction at an affordable price for our UK customers.

Sizes we are offering in wholesale hospital bed sheets:

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We offer to customize sizes as we can stitch bedding linens, duvet covers both simple with hamming and with buttons and comforters. But existing sizes of hotel linen we are providing

  • single bed linens
  • king size
  • queen size
  • super king size bed linens

As for pillow we supply both standard size pillowcases and can also offer bespoke sizes including square pillowcases