Men’s White Salwar Kameez: Fabric Options & Styles!

Men’s white salwar kameez is a symbol of elegance. The color suits everyone and is a go-to dress for every occasion! The following blog post discusses the qualities of various fabric and stitching services for salwar kameez offered by Faisalabad Fabric Store.

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Multiple fabric options for men’s white salwar kameez:


Wash & Wear Fabric:

The most sold and demanded fabric because of its smoothness and comfort level. Wash And Wear fabric in white color is used in all three seasons. Having several hues, wash & wear fabric can be assembled with any style and the central fact is that the wash & wear fabric is always available in the market with huge price variations as per its quality. Moreover, white salwar kameez for men is always preferred in wash & wear fabric due to its light shade. However, there is a price variation because of the various blends while manufacturing the wash & wear to cater to the need of the fabric in the market.


Cotton Fabric & Paper Cotton Fabric:

The evergreen fabric fulfills summer needs, and you can also wear it in the tropical seasons. The combination of the off-white & the white salwar kameez, either in plain style or with some self-printings, will enhance your personality. There are several qualities with the price variation in all kinds of cotton fabric for your simple/self-print white kurta & pajamas. If you want a perfect quality fabric in pure cotton, which should be soft with more than 50 washing durability and along with the stylings, then the price will bite high than normal salwar kameez. On the other hand, we can have the in-expensive cotton fabric of standard quality.


Karandi Fabric For Men’s White Salwar Kameez:

It is one of the best fabrics for both the Summer & Winter season. And what makes it different is its weight, the best lightweight fabric with very nice color tones and texture. The white kurta in Karandi fabric with dull color combinations is charming for youngsters. Young people are pleased to wear these white Karandi short kurta styles with jeans or contrast trousers.

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Raw Silk Fabric:

We suggest the Raw Silk fabric if you are looking for fashionable kurta pajama design dresses, especially for a party. The primary reason is that it’s the best option for parties, with various color shades, a shining touch, and a pleasant feeling by doing some excellent stitching in trendy designs and plain trousers. These party-wear kurta pajamas are available in standard size plus sizes.


Khaddar Fabric for White Kurta Pajama for Men:

Khaddar fabric is a mixture of cotton & wool fabric. The Khaddar fabric salwar kameez and kurta will be designed with many styles because wearing khaddar fabric is becoming very popular for the winter season, and everyone knows that winter comes with fashion. The blend of cotton and wool is excellent protection against the calm winds of winter. But now, this khaddar fabric is also available for the summer season because of the construction and blend ratio change. The mixture of cotton slabs makes the khaddar soft & smooth. Apart from men’s white salwar kameez, one can prepare a kurta.

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Men’s White Salwar Kameez in Shamry Fabric:

Shamry cotton fabric in white colors, available in different shades of white, and the design on the top and now white color Shamry cotton kurta & pajama and white color cotton kurtas for men are trendy. We firmly believe that if you want the white colors kurta & Pajama in a very appropriate price range, then Shamry fabric is the best option.


Denim White Salwar Kameez Fabric For Men:

Denim fabric can be considered the best option if you want the short kurta in the best fabric. Moreover, Denim white salwar kameez with light embroidery in a short-length style is an excellent kurta wear idea in the affordable price range.


Men Linen white kurta & Pajama:

Best delicate and soft fabric for gents with a nice fall of the shirt, and the person feels comfortable after wearing this linen kurta & Pajama. Linen kurta & Pajama in white is always lovely, with light motifs style embroidery or design with the cut lines will enhance the look of linen kurta. Linen white kurta also looks remarkable with piping over the necklines both in ban collar and shirt collar style.

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White Latha Salwar Kameez For Men:

It is a popular fabric due to its grace and softness. Many brands like Khaadi, ethnic, and Bonanza are already working on the Latha salwar kameez & Kurta pajama, particularly in white colors. The people to wear over the events. Latha fabric for the men’s salwar kameez is suitable for all ages. Pakistani men salwar kameez symbol is Latha salwar kameez.


Boski Salwar Kameez & Kurta For Men:

It is the most popular fabric with a great historical background and is considered an expensive item in stitched salwar kameez collection for men. The shirt and ban style creamish color with white salwar or a Punjabi style pajama design look unique. It’s all-time popular in men because of its softness and fabric grace. These Boski salwar suits for men are trendy for event wear. Apart from styling and designs, the Boski itself looks great with a simple look, and the waste coat of Jamawar enhances the personality too.


Our customized stitching services for men’s white salwar kameez will amaze you:


You would have enlightened yourself by the various fabric qualities in the salwar kameez discussed above. Now let’s discuss what we offer in the stitching!


Faisalabad Fabric Store is more than just an online platform that only discusses fashion and fabric. We also have our stitching unit & we’re one of the most reliable exporters of stitched men’s salwar kameez.


Our team of designers & tailors is talented enough to stitch a salwar kameez that is no less than a branded one! Moreover, we’re proud to present that apart from the designs shown on this page, we also offer customized stitching & styling.

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Let’s walk you through the stitching process. 


1) Choose the fabric. In the starting paragraphs, we’ve discussed various fabric options; give them a look, and let us know which material suits you!


2) Color Selection. This blog post is specifically about men’s white salwar kameez. We also offer shades of white, such as Boski and Off-white Salwar kameez. However, apart from these shades, we do have an unlimited collection of bright & unique solid colors as well!


3) Now that you’ve selected the fabric & color. It’s time for our stitching team to showcase their expertise. Our salwar kameez is stitched in two styles: Kameez style & Kurta style. The kameez style consists of cuffs with buttons (around the wrist), whereas the Kurta style doesn’t have it. Which design to choose? It’s your call! Moreover, we also stitch various collar styles of salwar kameez: collarless, ban style, and shirt style collar.


4) Now that you’ve decided on the white men’s salwar kameez’s basic structure, it’s time for some accessories to make it stand out! Firstly, the buttons! We offer a variety of buttons: shiny, plain, cloth buttons, and much more! To see the variety, you can e-mail or contact us on WhatsApp! In addition to it, we also offer embroidered salwar kameez. If you prefer something other than simple designs, our team can make an embroidered design on the collar or along the front neckline!


5) Congratulations! Your white salwar kameez has been stitched in top quality according to your needs. It’s time to fulfill our minimum order quantity (MOQ) to avail the special discount!

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Size Availability? Not a problem!

One of our customers’ concerns when buying wholesale products is size availability. However, the good news is that Faisalabad Fabric Store has managed to solve this problem by providing an option for customized sizes for men’s white salwar kameez.


As we cater to the demand of International customers mainly; so, we follow the international size chart, which you can view below. In addition to that, we also offer customized sizes. Which includes:

  • XXS
  • XS
  • XXL
  • XXXL


Moreover, you can also demand sizes according to your requirement!







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