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We have a large number of replica designer suits collection in both Prints and Embroidery including Asim JofaMaria B., NishatKhaadiFirdousJ.JGull AhmadSana SafinazThreadzMotifzShaistaAl-KaramCharizmaSereneCresentShariq DebaInzikTena DuraniSahil and  Mausummery and many more.

• The quality is very important to wear so we use the top quality 80×80 cotton lawn for the manufacturing of these replica suits.

• The same color and number of threads is used for stitching and embroidery as used by original designer. In all our replica we use the same thread which is imported form America.

• These replica dresses contain a number of unique colors which are too much attractive and full of designs. Colors matching are almost equals to the original suits.

• The original suits are too expensive but now you can buy the same suit having same designs, colors and quality in very affordable price so what are you for order now and make your life full of joy and happiness. We deal with wholesale dealers, importers, boutique owner and distributors.

• We are reliable wholesale replica designer suits supplier in business for 20+ years.

• We reduce the problems of stitching for you because few days ago we introduced the deal that you get the suits in both stitched and non-stitched form. We use latest Jokey machines that are specially imported from China.

• Wholesale dealers now order for both stitched and non-stitched replica suits. Order quantity is fixed i.e. you can order 30 suits in non-stitched form and 50 suits for stitched format.

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